Health Care

For a national Health Maintenance Organization, Kamyar Consulting provided technical architecture services including architecture workshops to establish general web-based system architecture principles for a member-only portal providing community and customer functionality. We provided a roadmap for additional work on specific segments (Application Integration, Data, and eServices). Also provided architecture recommendations, design patterns and framework samples for the architecture reengineering effort to migrate from a CORBA-based architecture (using Visibroker) to an Application Server (IBMís Websphere) providing EJB, Servlet and JSP functionality.

For a major medical center, Kamyar Consulting provided development services including  the development and deployment of patient registration and billing applications. Designed, developed, and implemented an on-line patient registration system capturing new patientís demographic and insurance information using PL/1 and RAMIS. The system represented a major improvement in the way critical data was collected, resulting in significant savings in labor and insurance receipts.